This blog is named after the Riemann Zeta Function in mathematics.

Some time ago I read a book concerning this function, and found the idea captivating.

I’ve posted occasional essays and notes on this domain since the early days of the web.  But the reason for starting an actual blog is to help me start organizing some community work.  In particular, Pre-Loved Computers was the first posting and category.

Besides the effort to coordinate donating computers and parts, I want to get involved with local hands-on teaching of computer skills and enthusiasm.  So, if you are involved with a computer/robotics club, or a school computer class, or continuing education concerning computer literacy, please let me know.

Besides these specific projects, I might post concerning other community events I’m associated with, Humanism and Humanitarianism in general, and maybe some random thoughts.

So what exactly is “local” in this context?  I live and work in Allen Texas.

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