Found! (Lost Pet!)

Wednesday, 10:30: Diamond is home safe.

Diamond ran away today, April 17th around 7PM.

He was perched in his “castle”, his habitat and preferred place to watch the goings on in the kitchen and downstairs living area.  I opened the front door and he bolted.

He’s a Bronze Winged Pionus, nearly two years old.  He was hand raised, and is used to the company of people, and like any house-pet thinks that food comes from the refrigerator.  he would not know anything about fending for himself.


This is where he departed.  Rockefeller Lane, just south of Bethany.


If you spot him, call one of us at 469-682-6892 or 468-682-6842.


Update:  Diamond was spotted in the company of a child and woman in brown scrubs at the Vita building.  Someone else saw it and later found this information.  Hopefully, he’s with people for the night and has decided to return to domesticated life.


Home!  Details later.

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