How much would you pay for the universe?

This is inspiring.  Neil deGrasse Tyson could run for president.

This goes with it.  I actually found this first and followed the link to Tyson.

Watch in the Home Theater for best experience (or at least full screen 1080p, with headphones).  I liked the music so much that I bought the album it’s from, as a gift for my wife to listen to in the car on her traffic-jammed commute.

As it so happens, today I received a letter from The Planetary Society.  They are campaigning for action on the budget for NASA.  You can sign a petition at

2 thoughts on “How much would you pay for the universe?

  1. Carolyn

    Totally awe inspiring =) I wouldn’t mind putting all my tax money and perhaps a little more to space research if it means we can all visit moon or universe someday.

  2. Q

    The Tyson piece is on-the-mark!!! I’ve watched quite a bit of his
    “stuff” on TV the past few years but had not seen that piece.


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