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Hunsacker in “in Glorious RadioVozion™”

On May 16th, 2015 Tao and I attended a play at the Bathhouse Cultural Center.

HQ-DSC00142 two of us

This is on the shore of White Rock Lake, and we arrived just as the sun was setting.

HQ-DSC00129 Tao at Bath Center

I had a few minutes to use the camera.  I got the α6000 specifically to use as a “social camera” to use at such events, as mused in another post.  I was afraid the fill flash would be unusable, but it works OK for a subject distance as would be typical for such use, thanks to digital processing.  The in-camera JPEG would probably do such wizardry automatically, but I don’t use that.  Taking a full-depth 14-bit raw image file, the somewhat brightened subject could be brought up another stop.  It looks like the camera nearly overexposed the brights (the bland sky) and put out as much flash as it could manage.

I used three different adjustments: the foreground subject, color-correction of the landscape, and bring out some visible color in the sky.  The problem with fill-flash, even if it could get the exposure to match with a full-sized external dSLR flash, is that the light doesn’t match; in this case, about 500K too blue.  The camera’s built-in processing might be confused that the sunset was giving pink highlights to the lake!

The theater only has 116 seats, non-reserved, so we hurried in.

HQ-DSC00182 Curtain Call

Here is a photo of the curtain-call (when I was allowed to take photos).  You can see that the set was for an entirely different play, and the microphones are dressed to look in-period, and (if you are familiar with the series) that the people are not in black&white makeup.

This was not just a reading, either.  Deadline! was presented in the manner of an in-period radio show, with an announcer and “sound artist”.  The players dressed in-period, except for their socks I was to learn.

HQ-DSC00171 sound artist

Here is a picture from the side, to show the sound effects and radio announcer performance area, which is blocked in the previous picture as it’s in the back of the stage.

The pipe is a period prop; the Apple laptop is an anachronism, but served great for a neutral color reference in the photo.  They used all live effects except for the music, I’m told.

After the play, they had a Q&A with the audience.  Here is Kurt explaining something in depth.

HQ-DSC00208 cast discussion

I tried to find a shot where Barbra is smiling, but her expression of perplexity only deepened and became more pronounced the longer Kurt continued talking.  It appears the sound artist is taking an interest.

The “live radio” format as a presentation in itself is something I’ve seen before, in Alien Voices.  I saw them (on TV) do War of the Worlds, and it featured live “practical” sound effects as an integral part of the live show.  I suppose that’s different from their normal audio books, which are sound only.