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Most Boring Product Photos

Not to long ago I was photographing some product shots for family, to put on Amazon, so I had to shoot a nice shiny object with a pure white background.  Good product shots are not always easy, and some attention to detail is nice.

As it happens, the other day I came across the most boring product shots imaginable.  Ironically, both had to do with photography.  The first was linked from this post on using colored gels on the flash to match the existing lighting. This 20×24″ sheet of Full CTO can be cut up into pieces to fit over the flash head.  Click to open expanded view just struck me as funny.  Compare with this store, which uses the technical data sheet as a product image as well.

Then I came across this one, following link from the BFT by the same poster.  Now that’s hard to beat on pure useless minimalism while still being perfectly correct.  But let me know in the comments if you know otherwise.


Annual Black & White Play

The famous Black and White plays… well, there’s just no way to describe it.

Here is Tao and me before the play, with my brother-in-law in the frame as well. It is traditional to dress in black and white, especially for the New Year performance. But that’s not why it’s called a black and white play.


After the show, we met with the cast.  Here I am with Nick and Nora Charles straight off the screen from the 1934 film.

Well, actually it’s the world famous detective and aspiring actor Harry Bunsnacker and his paid by the hour assistant and close personal friend Nigel Grouse, in a clever disguise.  Below I’m with Lt. Foster, the show’s straight man.


My family has been attending the Pegasus Theater’s productions since 1986.  And as I stated at the beginning, it’s indescribable.