Makeframe.html didn't work?

This pane is supposed to show the main document that was chosen. If you can see this instead, and the file isn't still loading, that didn't happen.

Usage of mainframe.html

If you entered the url for makeframe.html directly, this is what you'll get. You probably meant to use mainframe.html instead.

To use makeframe.html, give two arguments like so:


Where infodoc is the URL of the document you want to appear in this space, and indexdoc is the URL to put in the left pane.

Got this instead of the desired document

If you used a url of a document in this set, e.g. message_tap.html, then that document will invoke makeframe.html to put itself together with the proper index page. Somehow, that process started but did not complete.

I've seen this happen in Microsoft's IE6 when the file is served locally. If the url is a file, rather than a web host, then it ignores the stuff after the '?' on the address line! It's rather flakey in what it takes for a filename, too.

To suppress this behavior and look at the document alone, append "?NOFRAMES" to the URL. For example, message_tap.html becomes "message_tap.html?NOFRAMES". Or, disable javascript for this set of pages.