This is the online reference material for the Repertoire Project. It is still in the skeletal stages, but there is enough of it to see the concepts being explored.

Getting Around

The top pane is a perminant navigation bar. The blue buttons bring up a top-level list of classes (or other subcomponents) in one library. The red buttons are more general information or links to other places. Of particular note, the red "Classes" button brings up a hyperlinked glossary of all the classes in the system.

Overall Concept

Each class (or related set of classes) has a Reference Manual, which is an alphabetical listing of members. This document can be viewed on its own, or accessed via the index in the left-hand pane.

Each class (or related set of classes) also has a User's Guide, which is a less technical description of what a class is and how it should be used. You can access the User's Guide from the index in the left pane, too.