Problems with Internet Explorer Rendering

Here are some of the problems I see with using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

  1. Borders appear around IFRAMEs, used to include common content into multiple files. The CSS says border:none, but IE won’t take no for an answer.
  2. Scroll bars appear around IFRAMEs, probably because it computes sizes of boxes wrong. Something about adding the padding size instead of subtracting it...
  3. Prior to IE7, fonts were always one size larger than specified.
  4. Sometimes image transparancy doesn’t work right, giving the wrong color.
  5. Links don’t show the underline when mouse hovers.

Still in IE7

  1. Border appears around IFRAMEs
  2. When correctly nesting a list as an item of another list, it shows a blank line before the first subitem.

    Other Choices

    This site is developed using Firefox, which works well and is free. Consider trying it.

    The Opera browser is also popular.