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The Parallel Berkeley Encoder

keywords = MPEG

AC3D Modeller

Breeze Designer

DTA's Corner

subtitle = A Place for David K. Mason's DTA (Dave's Targa Animator)

3D Modeling

abstract = These pages are concerned with 3D modeling and the creation of 3D objects to be used to produce computer images. They are especially interested in tools and methods used on PCs to create objects for PovRay or similar Renderer ( Polyray, BMRT, Radiance ... ).

POV-Ray Page

Hash, Inc.

keywords = animation

Links and Resources

keywords = earth

abstract = General purpose links page. Of particular interest are the heightfield and image maps of Earth, noted at the very top of the page.


abstract = Helixir is a free tool for Windows 95/NT that allows you to easily create a variety of 3D helical shapes for use with POV-Ray and Moray.

3D World

keywords = printing

description = Printing of computer-generated art.

subtitle = Large Format Printing Service

Live Picture, Inc.

abstract = Live Picture, Inc., (LPI) is the pioneer of resolution-on-demand imaging, which enables businesses and consumers to distribute and use photographic- quality digital images through low-bandwidth networks, including the Internet. LPI is the only company to offer a comprehensive suite of network imaging software solutions, including servers, authoring tools and client software.

Main Concept, Ltd.

abstract = Our company specializes in multimedia and animation on several platforms.

MPEG pointers and resources

keywords = mpeg

abstract = MPEG.ORG is the most complete, comprehensive and up-to-date index of MPEG resources on the Internet.

NO! Not Dearmad's Page

abstract = Contains some content having to do with raytracing.


keywords = animation

abstract = Its a small simple dos program yet it has so much potential. It isn't claiming to be the best (far from it) but it IS useful. You can now created multi segmented animations with ease. No more relying totally on POVRays akward "clock" command. Try it out today if you want. Its small and handy. Plus its donationware for non commercial/monetary purposes. This means that if you use it at home for yourself (ie not making money off it) and you like it you just simply send the author a donation! You can use it guilt free for the rest of your life!

POVray isosurface patch

keywords = extension

POVray Resources Executables

keywords = links

Spline Generator Include File

abstract = The Spline Generator Include File allows you to create smooth splines directly within POVRay by specifying a number of points, without the need for any external programs. You can then use these splines for animating cameras, lights, or objects, or you can create spline based objects such as tentacles, ropes, etc.

Reflex Research

abstract = Reflex Research is a company developing software tools for high-end 3D human modeling and animation

Rendering via Povray

abstract = This form starts an automatic rendering of a random surface in Povray. A new surface each and every time. The output is a (small) image and the accompanying pov-file.


subtitle = NURBS modeling for Windows — $795


keywords = model object

subtitle = Seashells now easy!

RAD Game Tools

keywords = animation

subtitle = Home of Smacker and the Miles Sound System

info = link not working at 17:53CST 4-July 1998

Star Wars Modeling Alliance

keywords = model object; Star Wars

The Star Wars POVray Collection

keywords = model object; Star Wars

Texture View

keywords = utility program


subtitle = A free Windows terrain editing/viewing program for POVray.

A POV-Ray Water Tutuorial

keyword = tutorial

The POVRay Include Files Page

keywords = model object; links

The Rock Include file

keywords = model object


keywords = model object; plants

subtitle = Tree and plant modeler

keywords = extension; links

abstract = patch version TMPov, and general links page.

The Math Forum

keywords = mathematics

description = reportedly is a good resource for understanding the higher math involved in raytracing.

subtitle = "Where there is matter there is geometry" &mdash Joahnnes Kepler

Homework Heaven

keywords = mathematics

description = reportedly is a good resource for understanding the higher math involved in raytracing.

GCSE Mathematics Tutorials Menu

keywords = mathematics

description = the second trigonometry tutorial focuses on sine, cosine etc.

Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing (METIP)

keywords = mathematics

abstract = The purpose of the project is to produce and test materials that promote digital image processing as a means of motivating K-12 students in mathematics and as a means of teaching mathematical concepts.

Gallery of Interactive Geometry

keywords = mathematics

description = a cool way to gain an understanding of some math concepts that are used in raytracing.

The Center for Image Processing in Education

keywords = mathematics

abstract = The Center for Image Processing in Education promotes computer-aided visualization as a tool for teaching and learning. CIPE conducts workshops and develops instructional materials that use Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems technologies as platforms for teaching about science, mathematics and technology.

Alchemy Mindworks, Inc.

keywords = graphics; utility

product_home = Graphic Workshop


subtitle = a height field generator, based on John Beale's Hf-Lab

John Beale's Home Page

product_home = orb-cyl

abstract = You can get orb-cyl from my web page which does heightfields on spheres and cylinders by generating a triangle mesh of a density you specify.

POV Utility Review

keywords = utility; reviews


keywords = links

description = A great catalog of POV include files.

subtitle = the Pov Include Library Enhancement

home page of Nathan O'Brien

keywords = model object

model_object = architecture columns; billiard/pool balls

POV Utilities

keywords = model object

description = Mostly POV include files, a couple other things.

Peter Engels's home page

keywords = model object; gallary

model_object = axe; butterfly; candle; flame; clock

Homepage of Thomas Baier

keywords = file conversion

product_home = 3DWin

description = Contains tools to convert 3ds to pov, pov to mdl, etc.

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