Daniel's Artwork

My nephew Daniel surprised me with an inate talent for photography. In December of 1997, I let him look through one of my cameras while Mom (his grandmother) was preparing to blow out her birthday candles. To my surprise, he seemed to understand that what he saw through the viewfinder was what he would put in the picture, and aimed the camera properly. I had to help support the weight of the camera for him, but he composed the shot and took the picture himself. It turned out great!

The Early Work — age 3

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I took Daniel to the park one afternoon, as he had been wanting to fly a kite. Meanwhile, I took photos of the kids at play. This was his first experience with a kite, and he became a little frustrated at it. So, he wanted me to fly the kite while he took pictures, instead!

He had no trouble with the camera now, being a couple months older and the camera not so top-heavy without the flash attachment.

This is the actual, uncropped picture that Daniel composed himself. It's quite good, and the only odd thing about it is the point of view. It's interesting to see the world from the eyes of a three-year-old. This is what inspired me to put his work on my web site, and encourage him to explore his talent.

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This is another one he took, and is proof that you can get creative results when you don't know what you are not "supposed" to do. I would never have attempted to shoot next to the sun like this, but he just wanted to take a picture of his kite.

Summer 2000 — Age 5

larger image (30K)

When I wanted a newer picture of myself for the web, naturally I handed a camera to Daniel, now age 5 (two months shy of 6). This took a couple tries to get right because the fill-in flash of this digital camera is not automatically exposed. I had him stand different distances away until it came out just the right brightness, and I cropped it afterwards. Then I blurred the background using PhotoShop, since this camera can't restrict the depth of field like a 35mm can.

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